Proud Hydration Partner of stRIDE 2017 Charity Cycle Challenge


Press Release

Following ten months of planning and training a team of women known as the “striders” recently completed a 450-mile cycle and walk to raise awareness and funds for Dementia UK and the Alzheimer’s Society.

The team departed the city of Liverpool surrounded by family and well-wishers, and began their journey which would see them take in some incredible locations inspired by family memories of Virginia Bailey, the event organiser. In 2013 her father was diagnosed with Dementia and since this time her family have sought to raise awareness of the disease whilst learning to live with it as part of their life.

The Stride team ventured from Liverpool into the Lake District, where they negotiated the hills on bike and foot, taking in the incredible landscape the Lakes have to offer. The challenge continued to the Isle of Man, where the team navigated this fantastic island, enjoying the challenge of its inclines and headwind. The final half of the week saw them take on the toughest part of the challenge, crossing North Wales through Snowdonia National Park, before finishing at the University Centre Shrewsbury welcomed home by an incredible crowd made up of family, friends and sponsors.

In preparation for, and throughout the challenge, iPro Sport were a significant supporter and crucial partner for the team. Hydration and effective fuelling were pivotal when building fitness levels but more importantly when keeping the team hydrated throughout the challenge.

As Strider Dr. Emma Kavanagh noted,

“Training was tough... We spent hours on end in the saddle which was physically and mentally demanding, iPro Sport made the difference and kept us going and that transferred to the main event where the team were strong and full of energy throughout. The team are extremely grateful for all the support that iPro provided, both in the build-up and during the challenge, completion of which would have been far tougher without their support.”

Fellow Strider and Commercial Director for iPro Sport, Sophie Christy was keen to be involved as she has also lived through the emotional challenges of seeing both of her grandparents suffer with Dementia;

“The stRIDE17 team are an inspiring, spirited and motivated group of women who have significantly raised awareness around the support available to families living with Dementia. It really has been a pleasure and honour to be involved from the outset and we will continue to support the team with any challenges they decide to embark on in the future.”

Over the coming months the team are continuing their fundraising efforts, with a target of £20,000 in their sights.

Organiser Virginia Bailey added;

“Most of the team have experienced first-hand what it is like to see a loved one live with Dementia and with research suggesting that 1 in 3 people will develop this disease, it’s not something we can sit back and ignore. We want to continue to develop the platform we have created to talk openly and honestly about dementia, as well as showing the benefits that exercising, eating and drinking well can play in the fight against it.”

What a group of women, and what an incredible partnership! To show your support, please donate today:

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