• Scottish Rugby

    Rugby Union is a physically demanding sport with frequent bouts of high intensity work. For players to perform at their highest levels, both physically and mentally in games and in training, optimal fuelling and hydration is essential and that’s where having a product like iPro Sport in partnership with us is great.

    Edward Tooley Scottish Rugby’s Lead Nutritionist
  • Army Rugby Union

    We are delighted to have entered into this long term partnership with iPro Sport to provide our players with a naturally sweetened isotonic product which is scientifically formulated with essential vitamins and electrolytes needed for our players to perform at their absolute best. As an ‘Informed Sport Certified’ product, iPro Sport is 100% trusted by the military on and off the field and has been voted as the healthiest rehydration drink on the market by our players and most importantly they all love the taste!

    Chris Fowke Chief Operations Officer and Secretary of the Army Rugby Union
  • Loughborough Sport

    When you’re at a competition and you’ve had a lot of caffeine to fire you up you get dehydrated and obviously hydration is key. Having an iPro helped keep me hydrated and feeling fresh, and it kept me going during the comp.

    Mark Dry Olympian & Winner of the LIA Men’s Hammer
  • Loughborough Sport

    iPro tastes great and is exactly what I need to stay hydrated before and during the competition. When you’re competing in the field the competition can last for over an hour, so a drink like iPro is exactly what you need.

    Sarah Holt Commonwealth Games & Winner of the Women’s Hammer
  • Loughborough Sport

    I am both delighted and excited by this latest venture with iPro Sport. Here at Loughborough Sport we are always keen to explore new opportunities to benefit both our athlete’s performance and experience at events such as LIA, so to team up with such a renowned company is definitely a positive step for us.

    Richard Wheater Performance Sport Director - Loughborough Sport
  • Super Sevens Series

    The Super Sevens Series (SSS) was created to provide a platform to showcase the best in Elite and Development Sevens across the country so we are delighted to welcome iPro Sport on board which underwrites our values and commitments to player welfare. Sevens is physically demanding sport and at SSS we strive to deliver the best tournament and support facilities outside of the IRB Tour along side key strategic Partners such as iPro Sport.

    Terry Sands Co Founder of Super Sevens Series UK
  • American Football Development

    We are thrilled to welcome iPro Sport into American Football in the UK and, in particular, because of the reputation and relationships it has in other sports in this country. Nutrition and hydration are important lessons to learn when you are young, and we feel it is important that our coaches are great advocates to the children they teach. This is important in not just the way they act and behave, but also showing an example in the way they rehydrate during sessions too. iPro Sport will be supporting AFD at a series of events this summer providing a range of opportunities for people across the football community to receive education on the health benefits of iPro Sport, to sample their products for themselves as well as providing opportunities for clubs, schools and communities to access the product online.

    Gur Samuel Managing Director of AFD
  • American Football Development

    We’re very excited to welcome iPro Sport on board for this year’s Festival of Running. Runners will benefit from water stations along each route and now, thanks to iPro Sport, they can rehydrate at the finish. This partnership will help remind people of the importance of remaining hydrated and rehydrating with iPro Sport no matter which distance they are attempting. We would like to thank iPro Sport for backing this Festival which is set to be a memorable event.

    Matt Ashcroft St. Michael's Hospice - Events Manager
  • Loughborough Sport

    “It tastes good and isn’t too sweet, which is good. You need something that’s rehydrating and keeps you in good form when you’re competing so it was perfect.

    Chris Shorthouse England International
  • Sport in Bolton

    Sport in Bolton are delighted to be partnering with iPro Sport in the fight against excess sugar. As a Sport Development team working with numerous clubs, groups, athletes and schools we believe that iPro Sport ticks all the boxes for rehydration. The fact it's a naturally sweetened drink, goes along with our vision of providing a healthier alternative to high sugar and artificially sweetened products in our community. This is our commitment to the people of Bolton and I know it's the way forward.

    Wahid Khan Sports Development Team - Bolton Council (Sport In Bolton)
  • Loughborough Sport

    “The berry flavour is definitely my favourite having used iPro before. It’s easy to drink, and it’s great for during competitions when you need that little boost.

    Myra Perkins Team Scotland Athlete