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12th December 2018

Christmas foods contain SHOCKING sugar levels

Most people eat and drink to excess over the festive period. In fact the average Brit consumes 6,000 calories on Christmas day, according to last year's reports.

The NHS recommends eating a healthy, balanced diet of 2,500 calories a day for men and 2,000 for women.

This means the average Brit eats around three times their recommended daily allowance (RDA) of calories on December 25.

You might be wondering how you could possibly eat this much in a day, but Online pharmacy, Chemist 4 U, uncovered some shocking findings as part of their UK dental health study.

If you’re planning a guilt-free gobble this December you may want to look away now.

The study discovered that some of your favourite Christmas drinks contain three times the sugar of a standard chocolate bar and around 130% of your RDA.

And just one portion of Christmas pudding contains a massive 41.9g of sugars, a staggering 139% of your daily recommended intake.

Perhaps number one on the list of the worst Christmas culprits for sugary-overloads is the nations’ much-loved yuletide-themed hot drinks.

Just one Grande Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks contains 39.3g of sugar, which is 130% of your daily sugar intake (30g).

And it’s not just Starbucks' drinks that may be putting our dental health on the line. Costa’s infamous Medio Black Forrest hot chocolate contains 39.4g of sugar, a massive 9.4g over your daily recommended intake.

Of course, another favourite to drink over Christmas period ventures to the alcoholic side of things.

Mulled wine, the iconic festive beverage, contains a whopping three and a half spoonfuls of sugar per glass.

Article Source: Daily Star