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Royal Navy Rugby League are delighted to announce iPro Sport as the Official Hydration Partner for season 2018 and beyond. “iPro Sport are an industry-leading manufacturer who delivers quality hydration. iPro Sport stands for ‘Integrity and PROfessionalism’, values, which match Royal Navy Rugby League together with a high aspiration and desire for long term sustainable success. As an Informed Sport Certified product, iPro Sport is 100% trusted by the military on and off the field and is referred to by the players as the healthiest sports rehydration drink on the market. iPro Sport offers a quality-premium range of hydration products and is a brand which Royal Navy Rugby League simply wanted to partner with!

David Garner

Director of Rugby, CPO (WTR)

Our Rugby League players need to maintain the competitive edge at all times and being hydrated by iPro Sport will ensure this happens!

Steve Lockton

Head Coach, CPO(PT)

Tasting superb, the new iPro Sport Mango flavour kept me fully focused and hydrated maintaining my game output for a full 80 mins! #HydrateWithTheBest

Josh Coupland

RNRL Player (Armistice Challenge Cup Winner 2018)

The new iPro Sport Mango flavour is refreshing, tastes superb and really hits the spot. This product not only hydrates me but gives me that real competitive edge! #HydrateWithTheBest

Adrian Baird

RNRL Player (Armistice Challenge Cup Winner 2018)

The new Mango flavour hydration drink supplied by our official partners iPro Sport provides my players with the competitive edge, not only hydrating them but this quality product keeps them focused during training and on a match day! #HydrateWithTheBest

Steve Lockton

RNRL Head Coach (Armistice Challenge Cup Winner 2018)

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