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21st February 2019

iPro Sport And Sale Sharks Unite To Hydrate The Sharks

With research conducted by the Natural Hydration Council suggesting that 89% of the population are not drinking enough fluid, there’s clearly more that needs to be done to educate people about the importance of healthy hydration levels.

Tom Whitehead, Sale Sharks’ Performance Nutritionist has the job of ensuring that the squad are performing to the best of their ability and hydration is a fundamental part of his day-to-day work. Thanks to a partnership with iPro Sport – one of the world’s leading suppliers of healthy isotonic sports drinks – every level of the Sharks playing squad now has access to the very best range of hydration solutions, whether it’s during training or on a match day.

We caught up with Tom to find out a bit more about his work with Sale Sharks – he said: “The players take part in rigorous exercise on a daily basis, and their health is at the top of our priority list.

“Research has identified that when a person is sweating for an extended period of time, drinking water is not sufficient enough for rehydration. They need the highest quality product, and we’re fortunate to have iPro Sport as a partner as they fulfil that demand.

“The products produced by iPro Sport have been tested and approved by sports nutritionists and the medical team at Sharks. Whilst our players need to perform at their optimum, it is so important to emphasise to anyone exercising, that hydration also helps to aid the recovery process after all forms of physical activity.

“Not only can a lack of hydration limit progress at both the gym and on the field, it can also become dangerous to your health, with the risk increasing further when exercising.”

The Sharks first team squad use around 5,000 bottles of iPro Sport hydration drinks every season and have done since the partnership started in 2016, with the partnership set to continue until at least 2020.

Commenting on the hydration drive, Lucy Darrall, Commercial Manager from iPro Sport, said “We’re delighted that our products are assisting the Sharks players to perform at the very highest level, we wish them all the best for the remainder of the season and we are confident that they will continue building on their momentum to achieve the success they all deserve.

“The iPro Sport product range is suitable for high performance athletes and is just as effective for anyone looking to stay hydrated and healthy. iPro Sport is a low sugar hydration product that is professionally approved and batch tested by Informed Sport. Hydration is essential for everyone and their wellbeing, whether they’re playing rugby in front of thousands of fans or simply doing some light training at a local gym.

“Maintaining high levels of hydration can improve overall health and it’s really important people understand the basic need of the body to stay hydrated and to ensure they make healthy, low sugar-smart choices.”

iPro Sport have commissioned a urine chart to encourage everyone to stay hydrated highlighting the serious difference between very dark urine (a sign that you are very dehydrated) and clear (an indication that you are sufficiently hydrated), they want to encourage people to take action – now!

iPro Sport’s unique formulation of water, natural colours, natural flavours and natural sweetener enables you to stay hydrated whilst replacing lost electrolytes, minerals and vitamins.