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28th August 2018

ASICS Frontrunners

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – 29 August 2018 – iPro Sport as healthy hydration at the International ASICS Frontrunners event.

iPro Sport supported the International ASICS Frontrunners event, from 24-27 August 2018 in Amsterdam, with refreshing healthy hydration during and after the activities. The ASICS International Frontrunners are the ambassador team of ASICS. A global team with members in more than 30 countries around the world and with more than 700 athletes.

The annual meeting of the ASICS Frontrunners and board members of ASICS Global comprises of networking opportunities, workshops and activities. iPro Sport got the unique opportunity to introduce the brand and products to this hugely influential group of active and sport-minded people.

Dennis Licht, Ambassador of iPro Sport Benelux and ASICS Frontrunner, said:

"Everyone involved in ASICS Frontrunners is working hard to get people to adhere a healthy and active lifestyle. Finally, there is a sports drink that is healthy, works and really battles against sugar. When it comes to hydration, ASICS frontrunners understand how important it is to keep hydrated and what measures they need to take in order to perform at their very best and live healthy. That is why iPro Sport is the best and also healthiest choice."

About iPro Sport

iPro Sport are fast becoming the leading supplier of hydration sports drinks to the world of sport. iPro Sport offers something others of its kind do not – a fructose-free hydration drink with absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners and in three mouth-watering flavours. Recognised as being the best hydration solution – iPro Sport is requested by leading athletic organisations, sports clubs, universities, high profile charities and military and public forces. Partnerships within sport and continued endorsements from club nutritionists and sport performance coaches are testimony to iPro Sport’s ability to deliver great hydration and aid recovery. iPro Sport is distributed in the Netherlands by Lekker Fris.

About Lekker Fris

Lekker Fris is responsible for the distribution of iPro Sport in the Netherlands.

As pioneers and entrepreneurs, they discover trends, develop trends and launches the finest brands on the Dutch market. Soft drink brands that have already proven themselves somewhere in the world and brands they believe deserve a chance in the Netherlands.

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About EuropeActive Agency

The EuropeActive Agency is a dedicated and experienced marketing & communication agency with a focus on the fitness and health industry. The Agency manages the commercial partnerships for EuropeActive and develops strategic business opportunities for the sport consumers and sports industry. EuropeActive is the (leading) not-for-profit organization representing the whole of the European health and fitness sector in Brussels.

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